Marriage Financial Matters

Majority of the marriages head towards divorce mainly due to fights over financial matters and how each one is spending money. It takes a little bit of thinking and taking action on both sides to avoid such fights and save your relationship. The money earned by either one or both belongs to the couple together as a family. Same goes as far as expenses as well as savings go. Practically speaking all decisions with regard to financial matters and money matters should be taken together after discussions. We have given you several tips herein to help you adopt and change the way you work. Take out some time at the end of the day preferably to spend time alone with each other and relax. Be away from the rest of the family and have no schedule of things to do, dinner to serve, kids to be put to bed etc. Keep the time only for yourselves and your discussions regarding money matters. Only when you are relaxed enough can you discuss these issues like adults and take your decisions together. Have a disciplined approach to doing things. One way is to maintain a To Do List and note down all the points and details. While discussing you can use this list to ensure you cover all points and also stay focused. It helps if you prepare a timeline or weekly action plan and list out the goals to be achieved in detail to be able to work as per the plan. Besides while discussing with your spouse it is important for you to be open minded and flexible to take in ideas and change your opinions. Discussion means explaining the priority or the problem, understanding each others view points and deciding the best course of actions that is in the best interest of your family. Such a decision arising out of your discussion will then be the responsibility of both and also enhances the partnership between the couple. Always conduct yourselves as adults and have dignity in discussions. Never resort to shouting, abusing or blaming each other for it doesn't help. It is always the right thing to be objective about the discussions without having to get down to arguments and accusations. Keep this always in mind while dealing with situations. Since money and finances can be the chief trouble maker in your marriage, always ensure you sit down, discuss and sort out things and close chapters. Once done do not let it hang over the rest of your day and never take it to bed with you. Learning to deal with financial matters objectively and with discipline can save your relationship and marriage too. The site uses cookies. They allow us to recognize you and get information about your user experience.By continuing to browse the site, I agree to the use of cookies by the site owner in accordance with Cookie policy