Welcome to Seaside Decor Boutique!

We are a small family owned business that has a great fascination of the sea. We love to spend our free time at the beach with family and friends. We feel that having a gathering place by the sea that is decorated with fun and functional seaside decor helps to relax ones soul.

We started this business to help others with a love for the sea to find unique and fun seaside style furnishings and home decor. We offer a wide selection of coastal home accessories that can add lots of seaside charm to your home, office, or perhaps even your boat. Even landlubbers may find some nautical decor to bring a touch of the sea into their homes or favorite relaxing spaces.

We thank you for stopping by SeasideDecorBoutique.com and hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our products or comments you would like to share by sending an email to ContactUs AT SeasideDecorBoutique.com

We really appreciate your business!

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